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In a time where emotions, thoughts and actions are often subject to the opinions of others, people rarely choose to be honest about their doubts and worries in life. Reasons why talks of mental health become necessary, and reasons why people need to be more honest about the things that hurt them. Brendan Morrison does not fall short in being honest about personal experience, doubts and confusion in his new single “Another Planet”.

Describing his music to fall within the ranges of emo, indie and acoustics, his sound is relatable to the 2000s-rock genre that touched upon all these different sub-genres mentioned above. The rawness of his voice and rhythm of his guitar take you in a space of contemplation but relaxation. Where, head on, you get to appreciate the uniqueness and relatability to the lyrics of his music. “Today, I’m a little bit manic and there is no reason to panic. Maybe I am from another planet…” The chorus runs through and through your mind as the steady tempo of the song increases the emotion of his words, as if he were to be singing to you. Basing his own experiences and feelings into his music, it is not surprising that Morrison often makes music about his journey, disregarding the societal expectations many people have on life, mental health and love. 

As an artist, he is honest and through every pluck of the guitar, you can feel the passion hit your soul with calmness and truth. I even found the cover art of a spaceman floating in drips of a light teal like color relevant to the portrayal and energy of the song. There is no doubt that Morrison, as a solo artist, takes time to make music that not only he can relate to but knows others will enjoy because of the details in voice range and simplicity we often do not hear in music these days. Luckily, music like this allows us to relate to others with a genuine need to care and we can come to the conclusion that artists like Brendan Morrison deserve all the support necessary.